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A Breed Worthy of Royalty

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an animated, cheerful and affectionate little herder who is loyal and intelligent. A true working dog, the Pembroke can be confident but gentle with children. The breed gained fame as the favorite of Queen Elizabeth II, who has owned more than thirty corgis.


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Adopting a Corgi puppy in Ontario

Don’t live in Ontario? That’s okay, you’re more than welcome to contact us if you’re interested in adopting. However, as we are located in London, Ontario, anyone interested in adopting a corgi puppy must be able to travel to us at their own expense to pick up their new family member.

While we don’t publish our address online for privacy reasons, you can contact us anytime to schedule an appointment to meet with us and our puppies. Click below to get started.

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Our Past Puppies

View our gallery to see some of our past puppies that are now living in their forever homes.

Our puppies come in a few coat colours:

  • Sable
  • Black and tan
  • Red

If you’d like to see some photos of our current puppies, or want to see them in person, make an appointment via call or text to visit us.


Corgis In History: A Timeline

Breed Information

An important part of adopting a corgi is educating yourself on the breed’s specific activity, grooming, socialization, and care needs. Researching what you should know before getting a corgi can be helpful to ensure that the breed will be a good fit for your family. Learn more about corgis to see if they are a good addition to your home and lifestyle.


If you’re a homebody who spends all day inside on the computer or couch, a corgi may not be a good fit for you. Corgis require at least one hour of exercise per day to keep them happy, stimulated, and healthy.

Now, you don’t have to go on one-hour walks. Feel free to break up sessions into 15 or 30 minutes walks, or two 20-minute walks and 20 minutes of play. It’s important to play with your corgi puppy to vary the type of activity they get. They do well on long and short walks, but their shorter legs make them unable to keep up to someone on a bicycle. After walk or play, make sure to give your corgi lots of cool, fresh water to keep them hydrated.

Walking isn’t just for their physical health though, their working drive and intelligence means they need a lot of mental stimulation. If a corgi is not active physically and mentally, they can become bored and frustrated. A regular obedience training schedule is a great way to play with your dog while also satisfying their “working” drive.

It’s also best to keep your corgi inside during extreme temperatures, like heat waves or cold snaps.


Most dogs are driven by food, but this is especially true for pembroke corgis. This can be a bit of a double-edged sword when it comes to health and training.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s ancestors worked on farms for food, and this hasn’t changed.. This strong motivation to receive food makes positive reinforcement training effective. However, their never ending hunger also makes them prone to overeating. Your corgi’s weight is important to their health, as weighing too much can put undue stress on their hips and short legs.

Most corgis require two meals a day, and free-feeding is generally not recommended to keep their weight down. Work with your vet to figure out the type and amount of food to feed your corgi. Additionally, ensure you’re regularly monitoring their weight.


Corgis started out as working dogs on homesteads helping farmers herd cattle and other livestock. While today they are considered another member of the family, their urge to herd or work still comes through. Because of this, their small frames seem to house enormous personalities.

Corgi breeders and owners describe corgis as cheerful, affectionate, loyal, and a bit stubborn with an independent streak. They love to play with children and other family pets, providing constant entertainment and hilarity.

Corgis are happiest when they are the center of attention, and do not like missing out on any activities your family does.

It should be mentioned: as with any dog of any breed, personality can vary from one dog to another, just like any person. The qualities laid out above are what have been generally observed in the breed over the centuries.


Corgis are generally very low-maintenance in the grooming department. Besides the day-to-day shedding, they also completely shed their coat twice a year during the change of seasons in Summer and Winter.

Brushing your corgi daily is a simple way to keep the loose hairs in check and help to prevent matting and knots that can be painful and difficult to remove. Bathing your corgi on a regular schedule is also helpful to loosen dead hairs from the coat and keep them from becoming too oily. If your lifestyle keeps you from completing bathing on your own, you can set aside a budget to take them to a professional groomer monthly.

As with all breeds, the Corgi’s nails should be trimmed regularly, their teeth brushed, and ears checked to be sure they are clean and healthy.


Pembrokes are generally healthy, with few genetic issues. However, their bodies are wide with short legs, which means their legs have to be strong enough to support their weight. To keep them strong and healthy, it’s important that they are walked daily and kept at the proper weight to keep pressure off their hips.

You should also be mindful of taking them up or down slopes or stairs excessively, as elevation is more taxing. To keep their legs strong, keep your walks to smooth, flat ground. Do you intend to let your dog hop up on the bed or couch? Consider buying small ramps for them to walk up to prevent them from having to jump down.

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Reach out to us and we’ll walk you through the next steps of corgi adoption. Still not sure you want a new family member? We’d be happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions or concerns you may have about pembroke welsh corgis.

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